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EAN Masterclass; Running the Floor with TV floor manager Marc Baker

I Participated at online webinar for 2nd time with Marc Baker where he gives an insight of his journey becoming TV floor manager from child age aspired by his dad and learning to work film cameras. He also discusses the challenges you may face on set as well as working with different people within the TV crew team.

What was interesting about this webinar class was how open he sharing his journey and everything that he learnt and done to get where he is now that easier to visualise how documented it was. When you're talking about starting somewhere in your career, it's not easy to tell other people how it was intended because, it's not something you just know from early on it's all a gradual process in my opinion.

But when I listen talk about his passion for TV from young age, it makes sense in a way because you are not thinking about it to deeply especially long term where it might lead to in the future. I was really surprised when he read out my question which was "Can Illustrators contribute to the TV industry" and happily answered and it made sense at the same time like why didn't I see this earlier. He kindly suggested when I'm watching TV programs or movies, look out in the credits for Art Directors which got thinking about a couple of things:

  1. What does the crossover mean from Illustration to the TV industry

  2. What I have to choose between the two

  3. Is there a way where I can do both


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