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7.8.9. (07-09)

Through the suggestions from my mentor Hannan Majid, I'm taking a mini-break from my creative process and focusing on the writing by going back in my timeline between 2007 to 2009 to document my precious moments.

So to start off, 2007. From what I can remember, that summer, I went on a school trip to South-West France for water sports which were one of my best experiences and was so much excitement when it was with the people who you know. I can definitely say that we got up to all sorts that I still laugh about to this day. From that summer onwards, my high school experience was memorable and eventful as there were a lot of moments good and bad that I still remember and talk about with some people I'm still in touch with. For example, fights, gossip, sports and many more.

Apart from high school archivable moments, outside of school growing up in South Kilburn with friends and family had its moments as well both good and bad but definitely taught me from a young age how to make the best of bad situations. Going everywhere in London with my big cousin was by far one of my best memory. I still remember the spot we used to go to in Westfield which was the apple shop where everyone used to go to and chill or try to get girls. In addition, there were more places we would go to afterwards whilst the night was young. For Example, Shepherd's Bush, Hounslow, White City, Camden, Piccadilly Circus and many more.

In Conclusion, every moment from those years that I can remember has been my best memory. Too many to recount but I still remember till this day and even the music I found better in terms of growth and progression.

Rihanna - Rehab

Devlin - London City

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