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So this project is very close to home as it represents the term "When life was good" which I came up with; my project is about my best years (2007-2009) (2017-2019) as a visual aspect and In addition, Its something I constantly thought and dreamed about with flashbacks from that timeline from 2007- 2009 that I hold very significantly. For Example:

  • High School

  • Childhood area (South Kilburn)

  • Going out everywhere with my older cousin

  • Parties/Rave

  • Travelling via Tube

With this idea constantly floating inside my head, I wanted it to become vivid so I can see what it looks like on paper. The timing was perfect because, I recently reached out to old rehab centre back in Surrey and they made a proposition to me about submitting an artwork for their online Art auction. The theme of the auction was ‘childhood nostalgia’ which worked out well as my project illustrates a lot of nostalgia especially.

Despite me submitting two pieces from this project for the online, there is more I want to do with this project as I have a lot more ideas and want to plan it properly so watch this space.


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