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My name is Godi Panzout and I'm an Illustrator but also do other things as well depending on what I create. This is my first blog post since I graduated 5 months ago and feels a little weird especially because, I'm no longer using my uni blog so it's kinda like I'm re-introducing myself to the world as a freelance artist and no longer a university student.

I'm a proud Londoner and I try to show that within my work that tries to create amongst other influences. For example, Music, myths and typography just to name a few. I can't remember a better time when the was so much prosperity in the air. For that reason, I chose the name Forever_LDN_official_Arts as I want some of my work to reflect how enthusiastic I am about London and how much I love my city.

My journey as an artist has been an interesting one as it has given me so much to take away from it; the people and tutors that I have along the way have given me so many lessons and memories that I will cherish and hope for more wherever I go.

What I'm hoping to do with my new blog is to give you all an insight as well as the visual aspect of:

  • What I'm about

  • What I create

  • How I create

  • What my work represents

  • Where do I go next

I'm not sure what is going to happen, but I'm very excited about what happens next as I believe there is a promise as I start my Video editing course with Four Corners soon

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