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Making the Cut; Day 4

Final session for the video editing with premiere pro and last chance to play with the Aldgate East footage so I was determined to make the most of it by doing as much as I could with the footage. This time we had to try play with some of the video effects to see which ones to use for video transitions. For example, cross fade just to name a few.

I spent still editing the video sequence and the cut scenes because I wanted a chance to have a look back just in case I missed anything. In addition, I wanted a chance to try take away some more footage and reorder some of video sequence and cut scenes so that I know I'm ready the next part.

The next part was adding video transitions inside some parts of my video timeline which was fairly straightforward to use. Only issue I have with this is that you have to know when you want it applied and for how long. Another issue I found tricky was the sound editing as I couldn't understand how to take another sound from another video and apply it to my timeline. In the future, I hope I can revisit the issue as I would like to learn more about it.

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