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Final Session with Footages/Archives

So this is the final session working archives and footage via zoom for now as plans have changed going forward which is to take some time off for personal reasons to resume the project hopefully in 2023 but in person.

In this final session, I can see from the last session with Hannan that the timeline was much lengthier even more so now with the additional images and footage we added during this session. Overall, we were 3 minutes or more so far with other settings added and modified which me and Hannan to render what we have so far to see how it coming along.

Part of me is always gonna be apprehensive about pursuing this project for numerous reasons good and bad but I have always known I want to create a feel-good story based on my experience of rejuvenation again. To see what we rendered so far check out my story 7.8.9 on my Instagram page and see you all in 2023. #WEGOAGAIN23

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