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First Session Back Playing with Footage

After a few months of pursuing other personal work, I'm back with my partner in crime Hannan working on my personal project 7.8.9

First session back and finally getting to play with some footage and the interview recordings that I and Hannan did from Dec 2020 to Feb 2021. We worked up 3-4 minutes of using footages and images to see how they go well with audio and pretty much worked out quickly to use specifics one that blend well. Hannan showed me how to work certain video features on Premiere Pro as well as playing with video transitions.

Overall, It was a good session to ease ourselves back especially we put so much time in collecting archives and arranging them in folders and doing interviews which sounds all hectic but, its all part of our goal and can't get my head around the fact is that were so near which scares me. Part of me will always have reservations about this project: whether it would be good enough, will people like it?

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