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7.8.9. + Mentor Introduction

So my project 789 has taken a new direction for the better as my colleague Helena Goundry has been so helpful in finding mentors for my project which I found very exciting and unsure especially because, I have never had a mentor before and I'm open to seeing what it would be like.

I was introduced to both Hannan Majid and Richard York where I had my first zoom call to start introducing myself: who I am, what I do, the project I'm working on, what it is about and where I hope to take it. So I did a brief background on both guys to see who I would be potentially working with and it was good so far as they were both Film Makers in that respect. In addition, I was told they specialise in animation and video editing as you can see in their work for rainbow collective.

So the initial plan is for them to help me create an animations or some sort of video for the project 7.8.9. which sounded like an exciting proposition especially for me as I have always collaborate with people creatively so I'm excited for what comes next so watch this space.

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