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Making the Cut; Day 1 Video Editing Course

I attended my first day of the training course for video editing at four corners. My first impressions were not too bad as I was expecting something very intense but it was very welcoming. The people that were there with me on the course were very friendly which put me at ease especially because I sometimes can be a bit timid of unfamiliar surroundings.

For the first day of training, we had a presentation about the course. We also went through the fundamentals and languages for video editing. For example, Dutch angle, tilt shot, wide shot and eye-level shot.

These are all camera shot angles in which I will eventually learn more about and finish the session. We had a chance to have preview footage of the Aldgate East project and a little bit of time to play with the footage. We didn't get a chance to do more with the footage as time was running out and we just categorised some parts of the footage into separate folders based on the scene; so that in the next session we play more with footage.

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