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Village School (Old School)

Today I went for a visit to one of my old schools called the Village School. Honestly, it felt weird being back, especially because I left in 2013 and haven't been back since due to the fact I had other things going on at the time and just took over. The minute I stepped through the doors, I already saw some familiar faces waiting by reception to greet me and suddenly everything started to come back from memories. My god time definitely flies by fast.

So I was back to do a talk for some of the kids to try to inspire and motivate them which was very nerve-wracking as I wasn't what the right thing to say. When it came down to it and I finally met the class, everything started to fall into place as I was calm and had a sip of Ribena and was ready to talk.

I started off by introducing myself, what I do, why I do what I do and what I have done since I left. After a brief intro, I already had questions coming my way which was ok and caught me off guard as the kids seem very enthusiastic. Mid-way during my presentation, I showed them my website and a timeline of my work since I left. Towards the end, showed them physical samples of work but unfortunately, they didn't get to see all the work I hoped they enjoyed it.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this experience as I had some mixed feelings before doing this but I'm glad I did as I feel better about public speaking and maybe try to do more of this kind of thing. My highlight from this experience was the questions the kids asked me. For example:

  • Why did I pursue Art

  • What inspires me and my work

  • Does it get hard

  • What is it like to do work experience

  • Do I know Stormzy (my favourite line)

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